History of spongy moth detection in B.C.

Last updated on February 5, 2024

Specialized traps and other survey methods are used every year in B.C. to detect whether Lymantria moths (formerly referred to as gypsy moths) are in an area and whether they can be eradicated. Recent trapping histories and maps are listed.

See a more detailed history of spongy moth detected since 1911 (PDF, 168KB)

Trapping results since 1997

  • Bold text indicates sites that resulted in treatments.
  • * = indicates number of male Asian spongy moth (LDA) trapped
  • MT = Mass trapping (very high density trapping grid) 


Provincial Overview Map (JPG, 2.6MBPDF, 3.3MB)

2023 trapping results
Place Moths Detected Maps
Armstrong 1 Armstrong (JPG, 113KB)
Bowser 6 Bowser (JPG, 57KB)
Burnaby 5 Burnaby (JPG, 242KB)
Campbell River 4 Campbell River (JPG, 141KB)
Cedar 3 Cedar (JPG, 87KB)
Courtenay 5 Courtenay (JPG, 148KB)
Cowichan Bay 11 Cowichan Bay (JPG, 105KB)
Cowichan Valley 1 Cowichan Valley (JPG, 116KB)
Cranbrook 34 Cranbrook (JPG, 186KB)
Delta 2 Delta (JPG, 107KB)
Galiano Island 1 Galiano Island (JPG, 65KB)
Goldstream Millstream 2 Goldstream Millstream (JPG, 126KB)
Greater Victoria 40 Greater Victoria (JPG, 260KB)
Kamloops 29 Kamloops (JPG, 204KB)
Kelowna West 11 Kelowna West (JPG, 183KB)
Langley 10 Langley (JPG, 155KB)
Metchosin 2 Metchosin (JPG, 118KB)
Nanaimo North 38 Nanaimo North (JPG, 219KB)
Nanaimo South 4 Nanaimo South (JPG, 160KB)
North Saanich 21 North Saanich (JPG, 78KB)
Okanagan Falls 1 Okanagan Falls (JPG, 117KB)
Port Alberni 1 Port Alberni (JPG, 76KB)
Quadra Island 7 Quadra Island (JPG, 71KB)
Qualicum 9 Qualicum (JPG, 101KB)
Ruby Lake 1 Ruby Lake (JPG, 155KB)
Salmon Arm 5 Salmon Arm (JPG, 90KB)
Salt Spring Island 14 Salt Spring Island (JPG, 108KB)
Saturna Island 1 Saturna Island (JPG, 103KB)
Sicamous 2 Sicamous (JPG, 113KB)
Squamish 6 Squamish (JPG, 178KB)
Surrey 6 Surrey (JPG, 180KB)
Trepanier 1 Trepanier (JPG, 117KB)
Tsawwassen 87 Tsawwassen (JPG, 86KB)
Westshore 38 Westshore (JPG, 218KB)



Provincial Overview Map (JPG, 790 KB) | PDF, 2.7 MB)

2022 trapping results
Place Moths Detected Maps
Armstrong 1 Armstrong (JPG, 327KB)
Bowser 8 Bowser (JPG, 281KB)
Burnaby 4 Burnaby (JPG, 560KB)
Campbell River 30 Campbell River (JPG, 339KB)
Chilliwack 1 Chilliwack (JPG, 359KB)
Clearwater 1 Clearwater (JPG, 310KB)
Central Saanich 1 Central Saanich (JPG, 359KB)
Colwood 16 Colwood (JPG, 443KB)
Comox 19 Comox (JPG, 393KB)
Courtenay 49 Courtenay (JPG, 469KB)
Cowichan Lake 2 Cowichan (JPG, 465KB)
Cowichan Valley 14 Cowichan Valley (JPG, 562KB)
Cranbrook 1 Cranbrook (JPG, 392KB)
Delta 15 (1*) Delta (JPG, 381KB)
Duncan 2 Duncan (JPG, 384KB)
East Saanich 1 East Saanich (JPG, 356KB)
Esquimalt 12 Esquimalt (JPG, 536KB)
Kamloops 1 Kamloops (JPG, 423KB)
Kelowna 1* Kelowna (JPG, 434KB)
Langford 3 Langford (JPG, 631KB)
Langley 5 Langley (JPG, 402KB)
Madeira Park 4 Madeira Park (JPG, 428KB)
Maple Ridge 4 Maple Ridge (JPG, 461KB)
Metchosin 1 Metchosin (JPG, 456KB)
Nanaimo 6 Nanaimo (JPG, 396KB)
North Saanich 1 North Saanich (JPG, 268KB)
Port Alberni 56 Port Alberni (JPG, 489KB)
Quadra Island 5 Quadra Island (JPG, 274KB)
Qualicum Beach 7 Qualicum Beach (JPG, 357KB)
Richmond 1 Richmond (JPG, 299KB)
Rossland 1 Rossland (JPG, 479KB)
Saanich 13 Saanich (JPG, 629KB)
Salmon Arm 5 Salmon Arm (JPG, 293KB)
Salt Spring Island 16 Salt Spring (JPG, 440KB)
Sicamous 4 Sicamous (JPG, 355KB)
Sidney 1 Sidney (JPG, 341KB)
Squamish 10 Squamish (JPG, 551KB)
Surrey 4 Surrey (JPG, 462KB)
Texada Island 1 Texada Island (JPG, 257KB)
Victoria 4 Victoria (JPG, 495KB)
View Royal 14 View Royal (JPG, 492KB)
Westbank 5 Westbank (JPG, 416KB)
Whistler 6 Whistler (JPG, 365KB)



Provincial Overview Map (JPG, 265 KB | PDF, 3.9 MB)

2021 trapping results
Place Moths detected Maps
Oak Bay 1 Oak Bay (JPG, 242KB)
Esquimalt 2 Esquimalt (JPG, 129KB)
Saanich 1 Saanich (JPG, 186KB)
Victoria 3 Victoria (JPG, 242KB)
View Royal 11 View Royal (JPG, 180KB)
Colwood 2 Colwood (JPG, 143KB)
Saltspring Island 6 Saltspring Island (JPG, 158KB)
Duncan 1 Duncan (JPG, 117KB)
Lake Cowichan 10 Lake Cowichan (JPG, 187KB)
Youbou 7 Youbou (JPG, 187KB)
Gabriola Island 1 Gabriola Island (JPG, 99KB)
Nanoose/Lantzville/Nanaimo 22 Nanoose/Lantzville/Nanaimo (JPG, 133KB)
Qualicum Beach/Parksville 3 Qualicum Beach (JPG, 111KB)
Port Alberni 5 Port Alberni (JPG, 242KB)
Bowser/Denman Island 5 Bowser Denman Island (JPG, 90KB)
Courtenay / Comox 13 Courtenay (JPG, 173KB)
Campbell River 1 Campbell River (JPG, 135KB)
West Vancouver 2 West Vancouver (JPG, 189KB)
Maplewood (N Vancouver) 1 Maplewood (JPG, 151KB)
Langley 6* Langley (JPG, 198KB)
Abbotsford 1 Abbotsford (JPG, 198KB)
Surrey 11 Surrey (JPG, 172KB)
Burnaby 19 Burnaby (JPG, 208KB)
Delta 2 Delta (JPG, 167KB)
Coquitlam 10 Coquitlam (JPG, 140KB)
Maple Ridge 1 Maple Ridge (JPG, 178KB)
Mission 8 Mission (JPG, 157KB)
Chilliwack 9 Chilliwack (JPG, 181KB)
Harrison Mills 1 Harrison Mills (JPG, 148KB)
Sechelt 1 Sechelt (JPG, 139KB)
Madeira Park 3 Madeira Park (JPG, 158KB)
Squamish 1 Squamish (JPG, 163KB)
Penticton 1 Penticton (JPG, 163KB)
Canoe 1 Canoe (JPG, 109KB)
Sicamous 2 Sicamous (JPG, 1192KB)
Revelstoke 1 Revelstoke (JPG, 167KB)
Prince George 1 Prince George (JPG, 12KB)


Provincial Overview Map (JPG, 285KB | PDF, 2.4MB)

2020 trapping results
Place Moths detected Maps
Burnaby 3 Vancouver to Burnaby (JPG, 219KB)
Vancouver 2 Vancouver to Burnaby (JPG, 219KB)
West Vancouver 1 West Vancouver (JPG, 141KB)Kitsilano (JPG, 202KB)
Coquitlam 6 Coquitalm (JPG, 152KB)
Surrey 7 Surrey (JPG, 136KB)
Langley 2 Langley (JPG, 142KB)
Maple Ridge 10 Maple Ridge to Blue Mtn. (JPG, 201KB)Maple Ridge to Silver Valley (JPG, 180KB)
Mission 5 Mission (JPG, 142KB)
Chilliwack 1 Chilliwack (JPG, 115KB)
Penticton 1 Penticton (JPG, 148KB)
West Kelowna 2 West Kelowna (JPG, 175KB)
Big White 1 Big White (JPG, 160KB)
Castlegar 1 Castlegar (JPG, 121KB)
Campbell R 1 Campbell River (JPG, 150KB)
Courtenay 5 Courtenay (JPG, 149KB)
Metchosin 1 Metchosin (JPG, 159KB)
Saanich 1 Victoria (JPG, 168KB)Swartz Bay (JBG, 113KB)
North Saanich 1 Victoria (JPG, 168KB)Swartz Bay (JBG, 113KB)


Provincial Overview (JPG, 309KB)

2019 trapping results
Place Moths trapped Maps
Cowichan 21 Lake Cowichan (JPG, 148KB)
South Vancouver Island 3 Metchosin (JPG, 201KB)
Saanich 1 Saanich (JPG, 227KB)
Maple Ridge 3 Maple Ridge (JPG, 239KB)
Surrey 14 Surrey (JPG, 232KB)
Hope 1 Hope (JPG, 176KB)
Castlegar 13 Castlegar (JPG, 143KB)
Revelstoke 1 Revelstoke (JPG, 173KB)
Delta 1 mt Delta (JPG, 205KB)



Provincial Overview Map (PDF, 7.6KB)

2018 trapping results
Place Moths detected Maps
Courtenay 4 Courtenay (JPG, 312KB)
Campbell River 1 Campbell River (JPG, 280KB)
Lake Cowichan 2 Lake Cowichan (JPG, 291KB)
Crescent Beach 3 Crescent Beach (JPG, 153KB)
Chilliwack 1 Chilliwack (JPG, 215KB)
Surrey - Guildford 1 Surrey (JPG, 438KB)
Surrey - Fraser Heights 40 Surrey (JPG, 438KB)
Castlegar/Pass Creek Fairgrounds 3 Castlegar (JPG, 321KB)


Provincial Overview Map (PDF, 6.2MB)

2018 trapping results
Place Moths caught Maps
Agassiz 8 Agassiz (JPG, 92KB)
Port Coquitlam 1 Port Coquitlam and Pitt Meadows (JPG, 117KB)
Pitt Meadows 1 Port Coquitlam and Pitt Meadows (JPG, 117KB)
Surrey – Fraser Heights 51 North Surrey (JPG, 173KB)
Surrey – Guildford 4 North Surrey (JPG, 173KB)
Surrey – Johnson Heights 2 North Surrey (JPG, 173KB)
Richmond 1 Richmond (JPG, 131KB)
Victoria 1 Victoria (JPG, 142KB)
Arbutus Ridge 3 Arbutus Ridge (JPG, 78KB)
Spectacle Lk 1 Spectacle Lk (JPG, 76KB)
Cowichan 1  
Courtenay 11 Courtenay (JPG, 112KB)
Campbell R. 8 Campbell R (JPG, 98KB)
Queen Charlotte City 1 Queen Charlotte City (JPG, 66KB)



Southern B.C. Overview (JPG, 264KB)

2016 trapping results
Place Moths trapped Maps
Burnaby 1 Burnaby (JPG, 96KB)
N. Surrey 14 N. Surrey (JPG, 91KB)
Agassiz-Ken 2 Agassiz-Ken (JPG, 74KB)
Langford 2 Langford (JPG, 87KB)
Saanich 14 Saanich (JPG, 81KB)
Courtenay 1 Courtenay (JPG, 85KB)
Campbell R. 2 Campbell R (JPG, 73KB)



Southern B.C. Overview (JPG, 322KB)

2015 trapping results
Place Moths caught Maps
Parksville 1 Parksville (JPG, 60KB)
Saanich 3 Saanich (JPG, 85KB)
Courtenay 4 Comox (JPG, 76KB)
Vancouver 2 Lower Mainland (JPG, 322KB)
N. Van 1 Fraser Valley (JPG, 307KB)
Coquitlam 1  
Langley 2 Fraser Valley (JPG, 307KB)
Delta 1 Fraser Valley (JPG, 307KB)
Mission 2  
N Surrey 9 Fraser Valley (JPG, 307KB)
Fleetwood 1  
Maple Ridge 1 Fraser Valley (JPG, 307KB)
Surrey 2 Fraser Valley (JPG, 307KB)
Armstrong 1 Armstrong (JPG, 77KB)


Southern B.C. Overview (JPG, 241KB)Lower Mainland Overview (JPG, 252KB)

2014 trapping results
Place Moths found Maps
Surrey 197 Surrey (JPG, 177KB)S. Surrey (JPG, 127KB)
Delta 7 Delta (JPG, 106KB)
Aldergrove 1 Langley (JPG, 86KB)
Golden Ears Park 1 Maple Ridge (JPG, 94KB)
N. Surrey 4 Tynehead-N. Surrey (JPG, 108KB)N. Surrey (JPG, 103KB)
Saanich 1 Saanich (JPG, 113KB)
Colwood 1 Saanich (JPG, 113KB)
Comox 1 Comox (JPG, 165KB)
Trail 1 Trail (JPG, 100KB)
Coombs   Coombs (JPG, 106KB)


Southern B.C. Overview (JPG, 241KB)

2013 trapping results
Place Moths trapped Maps
Shawnigan Lk 4 Shawnigan Lk (JPG, 226KB)
Surrey/Langley 5 Surrey/ Langley (JPG, 95KB)
Delta 1 New Westminster/ Delta (JPG, 301KB)
Richmond 1 Richmond (JPG, 163KB)
New Westminster 1 New Westminster/ Delta (JPG, 301KB)
McLeese Lk 1 McLeese Lake (JPG, 111KB)


Southern B.C. Overview (JPG, 241KB)

2012 trapping results
Place Moths trapped Maps
Kaslo 1 Kaslo (JPG, 285KB)
Sooke 1 Sooke (JPG, 378KB)
Delta 1 Delta (JPG 439KB)


Southern B.C. Overview (JPG, 241KB)

2021 trapping results
Place Moths trapped Maps
Revelstoke 1 Revelstoke (JPG, 106KB)
Victoria 2 Victoria (JPG, 115KB)
Richmond 1 Richmond (JPG, 106KB)
Surrey 1 Surrey (JPG, 126KB)
Chilliwack 1 Chilliwack (JPG, 109KB)


Southern B.C. Overview (JPG, 241KB)

2010 trapping results
Place Moths trapped Maps
Harrison 1 Harrison (JPG, 196KB)
Port Moody 1 N Vancouver/ Pt Moody (JPG, 302KB)
North, Vancouver 2 N Vancouver/ Pt Moody (JPG, 302KB)
Comox 4 Comox (JPG, 184KB)
Nelson 2 Nelson (JPG, 279KB)
Revelstoke 2 Revelstoke (JPG, 198KB)


Southern B.C. Overview (JPG, 241KB)

2009 trapping results
Place Moths trapped Maps
Richmond 10 Richmond/Vancouver (JPG, 1.6MB)
North Vancouver 2 N and W Vancouver (JPG, 1.9KB)
Harrison 5 Harrison (JPG, 196KB)
White Rock 5 N and W Vancouver (JPG, 1.9KB)
Vancouver 1 N and W Vancouver (JPG, 1.9KB)
Abbotsford 2 Abbotsford (JPG, 1.7MB)
Langley 1 Surrey/Langley (JPG, 1.4MB)
Duncan 1 Chemainus/Duncan/Shawnigan Lk. (JPG, 1.6MB)
Comox 1 Comox (JPG, 1.6MB)
Chemainus 1 Chemainus/Duncan/Shawnigan Lk. (JPG, 1.6MB)
Shawnigan Lake 1 Chemainus/Duncan/Shawnigan Lk. (JPG, 1.6MB)
Nelson - Kokanee Creek Provincial Park 1 Nelson (JPG, 279KB)


Southern B.C. Overview (JPG, 241KB)

2008 trapping results
Place Moths trapped Maps
Chilliwack 1 Chilliwack (JPG, 448KB)
Harrison Hot Springs 16 Harrison (JPG, 300KB)
Richmond 2 Vancouver Area (JPG, 527KB)
S. Surrey/White Rock 3 Surrey/ White Rock (JPG, 522KB)
Delta 3 Vancouver Area (JPG, 527KB)
Langley 2 Langley (JPG, 361KB)
Vancouver 2 Vancouver Area (JPG, 527KB)
Burnaby 1 Vancouver Area (JPG, 527KB)
Victoria 2 Victoria (JPG, 513KB)
Creston 1  


Southern B.C. Overview (JPG, 241KB)

2007 trapping results
Place Moths trapped Maps
Salt Spring Island 13 - 10 in mt grid Salt Spring Is. (JPG, 4.9KB)
Saltair (Ladysmith) 10 - 6 mt Saltair (JPG, 62KB)
Lake Cowichan 5 Lake Cowichan (JPG, 142KB)
Shawnigan Lk 1  
Prospect Lk 1  
Delta 2 Delta (JPG, 503KB)
Burnaby 1 Burnaby (JPG, 1.1MB)
White Rock 1 Langley / White Rock( JPG, 793KB)
Harrison Hot Springs 6 Harrison / Kent (JPG, 365KB)
Langley 5 Harrison / Kent (JPG, 365KB)


Southern B.C. Overview (minus Grand Forks) (JPG, 241KB)

2006 trapping results
Place Moths trapped
Grand Forks 1
Harrison Lk 1
Chilliwack 1
White Rock 1
Delta (Annacis Is.) 2
Saanich 3
Courtenay 39
Sidney 22 mt
Colwood 7
Lk Cowichan 1
Mill Bay 1
Ladysmith 6
Nanaimo 1
Cedar Hill Golf Course 32 mt
Salt Spring Island 35 mt


Southern B.C. Overview (JPG, 241KB)

2005 trapping results
Place Moths trapped Maps
Maple Ridge 1  
Langley 3 mt  
Cloverdale 2  
Surrey 1  
Delta 4  
Burnaby 3  
Coquitlam 1  
Silver Ck. 1  
Courtenay 8 Courtenay/ Comox (JPG, 705KB)
Nanaimo 11 Nanaimo/ Gabriola Is. (JPG, 622KB)
Gabriola Is 19 mt Nanaimo/ Gabriola Is. (JPG, 622KB)
Salt Spring Is. 43 Salt Spring Is. (JPG, 631KB)
Duncan 2 mt Duncan (JPG, 588KB)
Sidney 8 Sidney/ Central Saanich (JPG, 689KB)
Central Saanich 1 Sidney/ Central Saanich (JPG, 689KB)
Christmas Hill 1 Sidney/ Central Saanich (JPG, 689KB)
Esquimalt 1 Sidney/ Central Saanich (JPG, 689KB)
Colwood 1 Victoria Area (JPG, 1MB)
Saanich 17 mt Sidney/ Central Saanich (JPG, 689KB)
Cedar Hill 6 Victoria Area (JPG, 1MB)
Oak Bay 1 Victoria Area (JPG, 1MB)


Southern B.C. Overview (JPG, 241KB)

2004 trapping results
Place Moths trapped Maps
Langley 4  
Burnaby 1  
Chilliwack 2  
Harrison Hot Springs 4  
Vancouver 2  
Courtenay 1  
Nanaimo 5 Nanaimo/ Gabriola Is. (JPG, 540KB)
Gabriola Island 22 mt Nanaimo/ Gabriola Is. (JPG, 540KB)
Duncan 24 mt Victoria Area Duncan (JPG, 249KB)
Salt Spring Island 7 Salt Spring Is. (JPG, 520KB)
Sidney 1  
Esquimalt 3 Victoria Area Duncan (JPG, 249KB)
Victoria (Saanich, Oak Bay and Vic West) 12. No egg masses found Victoria Area Duncan (JPG, 249KB)


Southern B.C. Overview (JPG, 241KB)

Trapping results
Place Moths found Maps
Abbotsford 2  
Burnaby 2  
Chilliwack 1  
N. Delta (43, 15 egg masses) Delta (JPG, 156KB)
Langley 4  
N. Vancouver 1  
Richmond 1  
Vancouver 1  
Campbell R. 1  
Duncan 3  
Gabriola Is. 4  
Gordon Head (Saanich) 33, 2 egg masses Gordon Head (Saanich) (JPG, 269KB)
Nanaimo 1  
Oak Bay 1  
Sooke 1  
View Royal 1  


Southern B.C. Overview (JPG, 241KB)

2002 trapping results
Place Moths trapped
Courtenay 2
Saanich 2
Colwood 1
Delta 6
Chilliwack 1
Kal Beach 1
Mabel Lk. 2


2001 trapping results
Place Moths trapped
Chase 1
Grand Forks 1
Mission 1
Langley 1
Delta 3
Sooke 1
Saanich 1
Victoria 2


Overview (all of Coastal B.C.)(JPG, 241KB)

2000 trapping results
Place Moths trapped Maps
Chilliwack 2 Chilliwack (GIF, 15KB)
Kelowna 1 Kelowna (GIF, 20KB)
Coquitlam 1 Coquitlam (GIF, 18KB)
Vancouver 1 Vancouver (GIF, 23KB)
Oak Bay 1 Oak Bay (Victoria) (GIF, 25KB)
Sechelt 9 Sechelt (GIF, 13KB)
Delta 8 Delta (GIF, 26KB)


Lower Mainland and Sunshine Coast (JPG, 241KB)Fairfield Mass Trapping (GIF, 6KB)

1999 trapping results
CFIA located moths in: Moths trapped Maps
Comox 6 Courtenay / Comox (GIF, 20KB)
Duncan 1 Duncan (GIF, 19KB)
Victoria 1 Southern Vancouver Island (GIF, 167KB)
the Highlands 2  
Burnaby 23  
Kelowna 2 Kelowna (GIF, 74KB)
Sechelt 5  
Chilliwack 1  
North Delta 3  


Results: Moth captures in the Esquimalt, Langford and Knockan Hill areas of greater Victoria increase to total 503 European males; male captures increase in the Duncan (33) and Nanaimo (8) areas. Three males captured in both Richmond and near Tsawwassen (1). Egg masses present at Duncan (12), Nanaimo (1) and Tsawwassen (1). Hatching egg masses and feeding larvae discovered during inspections conducted as part of ground spray efforts in Langford.
Single male moths were also recovered from Richmond, N. Delta, and, the most northern catch ever recorded in B.C., near Kitwanga in northwestern British Columbia.
MapsVancouver Is. Overview (JPG, 241KB)Greater Victoria Area (GIF, 127KB)Lower Mainland (GIF, 176KB)


Results: Male moth captures at Esquimalt (60) and Langford (147); first captures at Knockan Hill (3) in greater Victoria. First capture of moths in Duncan (6).
Maps: Vancouver Is. Overview (JPG, 241KB)Victoria Area (JPG, 130KB)Vancouver (GIF, 194KB)