XML Specifications

Screen Last Updated
XML Schema for ESF 4.09
ECAS Attachment Types for ESF Jan 2009
Coast Submission DTD (PDF) (View Source to see DTD contents) 4.09
Interior Submission DTD (PDF) (View Source to see DTD contents) 4.07
  • XML Schema for ESF
  • When submitting appraisal data using DTDs, the following URLs must be referenced in the !DOCTYPE tag of the XML document:

    TEST System:
    Coast http://testwww10.for.gov.bc.ca/ECASSchemas/coastSubmission.dtd
    Interior http://testwww10.for.gov.bc.ca/ECASSchemas/interiorSubmission.dtd
    PRODUCTION System:
    Coast http://www10.for.gov.bc.ca/ECASSchemas/coastSubmission.dtd
    Interior http://www10.for.gov.bc.ca/ECASSchemas/interiorSubmission.dtd