BC Timber Sales - Multi-Year Development Plan

The Refusal of Cutting Permit or Road Permit Regulation allows the minister or delegate to refuse a cutting permit (CP) or road permit (RP) application that is, wholly, or partially contained, in a BCTS operating area, if any of the following criteria apply:

  • Money has been expended under the BCTS account in respect of all, or a portion of, a BCTS operating area covered by the CP or RP application, as defined in section 109(3)(a), (a.1), (c) or (d) of the Forest Act
  • The issuance of the CP or RP would adversely affect a proposed timber harvesting area or road in a BCTS operating area identified in a published BCTS multi-year development plan
  • The issuance of the CP or RP would adversely impact the ability of the timber sale manager to obtain an adequate 10 year supply or representative timber from the BCTS operating areas in the respective BCTS business areas

However, the Minister, or delegate, may also consider any mitigating factors the minister considers relevant to the above criteria.

Consistent with the requirements, and only for the purposes, of the regulation, BC Timber Sales is making known those proposed harvest areas and roads, it wants subject to the regulation, spatially identified in a multi-year development plan. These proposed harvest areas and roads are updated regularly.

The content of the multi-year development plan map is intended only for the purposes of the regulation and is not a comprehensive map that includes notation of all that was taken into consideration when determining block or road location.

For more comprehensive information on those considerations, please contact your local BCTS business area office.

Multi-Year Development Plan Map