Request Geothermal Exploration Permit

A company or individual can request an exploration permit for a land parcel. The holder of the permit has the exclusive right to explore for geothermal resources and apply for well authorizations to drill wells within the permit location. Once a successful geothermal well has been drilled and a development plan submitted, a lease may be issued for all or part of the location.

Geothermal Exploration

Exploration activities, including geological, geochemical and geophysical analysis, well drilling and any other approved method, are conducted to determine the following factors:

  • Resource temperatures
  • Geothermal fluid flow rates
  • Depth of the resource
  • Sufficient recharge to sustain long-term operation
  • Presence of water soluble minerals and salts
  • Proximity to transmission lines/market

Required Information

The permit request letter must contain the following information:

  • Text indicating it is a request for a geothermal permit in the location area(s)
  • A written description of the location of the land parcel to be explored
  • A map showing the location of the requested parcels to be used to verify the accuracy of the written description of the requested parcel location
  • The name of a contact person, including a telephone number (with area code) and an email address.

Land Parcel Guidelines

  • The maximum size of a location for which a geothermal permit may be issued is a block
  • The boundaries of a location comprised in a geothermal permit must coincide with the boundaries of units unless the location is in an area provided for in the following:
    • If any area where the boundaries of units and blocks do not coincide with surveyed boundaries of sections, townships or another district lot system, the boundaries of a location comprised in a geothermal exploration permit may be established to coincide with the surveyed boundaries of a section, a township or other district lot system

Geothermal exploration permit requests will not be considered for locations that include:

  • Parks, protected areas, conservancies, recreation areas, ecological reserves, or be located within the Muskwa-Kechika Management Area.
  • Federal lands including Indian Reserves.

Submitting the Permit Request

Permit request letters, supporting maps and other documentation for exploration of geothermal resources may be submitted by email or post mail via the contact info listed on this page.

Pre-tenure Referral

Once a geothermal exploration permit request is accepted, all land parcels being considered for the permit are subject to a pre-tenure review process.