Lakes North Sustainable Resource Management Plan

Following approval of the Lakes District Land and Resource Management Plan (LRMP) and accompanying higher level plan order that legally established resource management zones and objectives in 2000, two separate land use planning processes were completed.

Both plans provide specific watershed-scale direction to legally implement objectives from the Lakes District LRMP:

  • Lakes South SRMP for the southern portion of the Lakes timber supply area in 2003
  • Lakes North SRMP for the northern portion of the Lakes timber supply area in 2009

The Lakes North SRMP includes seven objectives to retain a diversity of forest habitats over the landscape. However, only Objectives 1-4 were legally established by a ministerial order on January 26, 2009.

The plan also provides targets and strategies for management within resource management zones established in the Higher Level Plan Order for RMZs in Lakes District - 2000 and replaces objectives 1 - 5 and 7 in that order. Objective 6 in the order is still in effect but is outside the Lakes North SRMP area.

In 2016, amendments were made to the location of old growth management areas to better operationalize their boundaries. Then on March 16, 2017, Objective 4 regarding the landscape connectivity matrix was amended since a portion of the objective was only in force until January 2016. However, no changes were made to the landscape connectivity matrix map.