Registration for Off-Road Vehicles

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ICBC Registration

To use or operate an off-road vehicle (ORV) on Crown land, the owner must register the ORV and clearly display its ICBC number plate or sticker on the vehicle. As well, the operator must carry a copy of the Certificate of Registration (or Transfer of Ownership).

Register an ORV or complete transfer of ownership transactions at any Insurance Corporation of B.C. (ICBC) Autoplan broker. To find a broker near you, visit ICBC's Find a Service map and enter your address.

Some exemptions apply. Find out more:

Enforcement and road safety partners can find a summary of ORV registration at ICBC Bulletins (#11 and #13).

Find information about incidental access to highways:

Types of ORVs that require registration

Registration under the Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) Act is required for snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles (‘quads’), motorcycles and side-by-side ORVs used or operated on Crown land for work or leisure purposes. 

Snowmobiles registered under the repealed Motor Vehicle (All Terrain) Act must re-register under the ORV Act to maintain continuity of ownership and contact information.

An ICBC-issued Transfer of Ownership is also required to maintain continuity of ownership (e.g. if the ORV is sold or gifted to another person).

Out-of-province ORVs

Owners of out-of-province ORVs must register them in their home jurisdictions if registration or licensing is available there (e.g., ORVs from Alberta). Out-of-province ORV owners who do not have registration or licensing available in their home jurisdictions (e.g. ATVs from Saskatchewan) must carry proof-of-ownership documentation when riding on B.C. Crown land.

Read more in Section 7 of the ORV Regulation.


The registration fee is one-time and user-pay. Registration costs $48 for the Certificate of Registration and the ICBC-issued number plate or sticker. When using or operating an ORV on Crown land, you must carry proof of registration and clearly display the number plate or sticker on the front, back or left side of the vehicle.

As with other motor vehicles in B.C., ICBC requires proof of ownership and payment of applicable taxes at time of ORV registration. 

  • If proof of vehicle ownership documentation is not available, Service BC can provide you with the statutory declaration form required by ICBC. Service BC has agents who are Commissioners for taking affidavits and charges $15 plus tax. Multiple ORVs owned by the same person may be included on one statutory declaration form as a cost savings
  • For detailed information on Provincial Sales Tax, see the B.C. government’s notice to off-road vehicle owners. If you purchased the ORV in B.C., brought it into B.C. or received an ORV as a gift prior to July 1, 2010, you will not be required to provide ICBC with sales tax documentation.