BCAB #984 - Guards - Safety Glass, Article

March 10, 1988

BCAB #984

Re: Guards - Safety Glass, Article

With reference to your letter of February 24, 1988, regarding the use of glass panels as components of guards.

The question of strength is not addressed in Part 9 of the Code, which is the subject of your appeal. In Part 4, which applies to Part 3 buildings, Sentences and (2) provides guidance which should be used for special applications in Part 9 buildings.

For this particular type of use, involving glass which could be subject to human impact, we would consider the situation to be of a similar nature to that envisaged in Article, requiring safety or wired glass for glass panels exceeding 0.5 m2. If the glass is supported on all four edges we regard the use of Table 9.6.5.A. as acceptable to establish thicknesses, but if the glass is supported in any other manner the panels should be designed in accordance with Part 4 of the Code.

We note that you use the word "handrailings" in your letter, but would point out that our observations do not apply to the actual handrails.

J.C. Currie