BCAB #979 - Factory-Built Fireplaces

March 22, 1988

BCAB #979

Re: Factory-Built Fireplaces

With reference to your letter of January 11, 1988, regarding the installation of factory-built fireplaces.

Our decisions on the questions raised are as follows:

1.& 2. We would regard the main purpose of both the standard and the instructions which you enclosed as attempting to ensure no direct contact between the appliance and any building insulation. For this purpose the enclosure around the fire chamber must be finished to prevent contact with insulation between studs, or insulation that could be installed at a later date.

In general we would regard the finishes covered under Section 9.30. of the Code as acceptable, except for insulating fibreboard. The enclosure for testing to the standard is lined with plywood, and we have no difficulty in accepting finishes

which could fall within a similar category for performance. However, insulating fibreboard or any other similar material would be more akin to some type of building insulation in performance, and we would regard them as unacceptable.

3. If the factory-built fireplace does not already incorporate a means of obtaining combustion air from the outside, then it must conform to Article, and be provided with a duct of the size stated.

J.C. Currie, Chair