BCAB #978 - Combustion Air, Article

February 22, 1988

BCAB #978

Re: Combustion Air, Article

With reference to your letter of January 28, 1988, regarding the application of Article from the B.C. Building Code.

This Article requires the provision of a combustion air supply from the exterior, to any solid fuel-burning appliance. It is intended for application to new construction, not for retroactive application to existing buildings unless these are being altered or reconstructed.

In the simple case of a stove being installed in an existing building, we would consider the provision to be beneficial, but not necessarily mandatory. If it can be reasonably achieved, we consider that it should be provided, particularly if the building has been air-sealed. However, we recognize that this would be unrealistic in many situations, and accept that in such cases, the authority having jurisdiction should exercise subjective judgement as to the practicality.

J.C. Currie, Chair