BCAB #977 - Combustion Air, Article

February 22, 1988

BCAB #977

Re: Combustion Air, Article

With reference to your letter of January 28, 1988, regarding the application of Article from the B.C. Building Code.

The house in question is new, built under the provisions of the 1985 B.C. Building Code. Under the circumstances we consider Article to be applicable, requiring a ducted supply of combustion air from the outside, terminating at or near the wood stove.

We do not consider a window, in any location, as an acceptable equivalent for the provision of combustion air. The window, if open, will supply ventilation air for a room; the purpose of Article is to supply combustion air direct to the appliance, regardless of windows, without the necessity for drawing warm air from the room for this purpose.

J.C. Currie, Chair