BCAB #976 - Soffit Protection, Article 9.10.12.

February 22, 1988

BCAB #976

Re: Soffit Protection, Article 9.10.12.

With reference to your letter of January 12, 1988, regarding the application of Subsection 9.10.12. Firstly, we have no knowledge of any telephone conversation between a member of the Appeal Board and Mr. Weber, and do not give opinions on interpretations. However, to deal with the questions raised regarding the application of Article

  1. The Article applies only to buildings containing more than 2 suites of residential occupancy. It would not, therefore, apply to a duplex.

  2. It applies only to the suites immediately beneath the common attic or roof space.

  3. The requirement applies only to "more than" 2 suites. It should be taken to include common areas between suites, such as corridors, which do not strictly fall within a suite, although other provisions such as in Subsection 9.10.15. may also apply to these roof spaces.

J.C. Currie, Chair