BCAB #973 - Foundation Drains, Articles and;

February 17, 1988

BCAB #973

Re: Foundation Drains, Articles and;

With reference to your letter of January 20, 1988, regarding the installation of foundation drains.

The details submitted show the drain installed against the side of the footing, with the bottom of the pipe approximately level with the surface of the ground within the crawl space. As such it clearly contravenes Article, which requires that the top of the pipe be below this ground level. If the drain is necessary, then the ground level within the crawl space should be raised, or the drain lowered.

However, if the soil conditions are such that drainage can be shown to be unnecessary, as provided in Article, then there is no point in taking any further action with respect to the drain level, as the drain becomes superfluous. Your letter indicates that the subsoil is sandy, several feet deep, with excellent drainage characteristics.

Under the circumstances, we suggest you refer the authority having jurisdiction to the provisions of Article, for their consideration as to whether Article would be applicable to your situation.

J.C. Currie, Chair