BCAB #966 - Fire Rated Roofing and Security Provisions, Sentence

January 26, 1988

BCAB #966

Re: Fire Rated Roofing and Security Provisions, Sentence

With reference to your letter of December 18, 1987, regarding wood roofing and security provisions.

It is our understanding that the complex consists of a single detached dwelling unit and some duplexes; all are indicated as falling under Part 9 of the Building Code. Our decisions on the two questions raised are:

  1. Sentence o the Code requires that virtually every building have a Class A, B, or C roof covering. For wood shakes and shingles this would normally necessitate fire retardant treatment. There is no similar provision in Part 9, so under the circumstances this requirement would not be applicable to the buildings in question.

  2. The security provisions in the Code constitute physical deterrents to unauthorized entry. We are unable to accept the provisions which you indicate, as providing an equivalent, we would regard these and burglar alarm systems as providing an additional level of security, but not substituting for those contained in the Code.

J.C. Currie, Chair