BCAB #944 - Fireplace Insert

October 27, 1987

BCAB #944

Re: Fireplace Insert

With reference to your letter of September 17, 1987, regarding a fireplace insert.

From the information provided the installation fell under the provisions of the 1980 Building Code. In that Code there was no requirement for the inserts to comply with a CSA standard.

In the new Code there there is a requirement for conformance with ULC-S628, but there still no mandatory requirement for labeling. We would also point out that to our knowledge CSA do not certify to ULC standards.

Under the circumstances we consider that if the installation complies with all the Code requirements for surrounding construction, and for clearances, lt. would be acceptable under the 1980 B.C. Building Code.

As it is a matter regulated by the Code, a local official would be required to inspect the installation in those instances where a municipality has adopted an administrative bylaw for enforcement of the Code. You should check with your local authority to determine whether such a bylaw is in effect in your area.

J.C. Currie, Chair