BCAB #936 - Gypsum Board, Subsection 9.30.8.

August 20, 1987

BCAB #936

Re: Gypsum Board, Subsection 9.30.8.

With reference to your letter of August 10, 1987, regarding the fastening of gypsum board.

Subsection 9.30.8. of the Code deals with general installation requirements for gypsum board, and includes fastener requirements for normal circumstances.

If systems are required to achieve a fire resistance rating, the circumstances are different, and assemblies are normally tested for their ability to provide the necessary performance. For this purpose fastening details may become very specific, they relate to a performance beyond that required for normal service.

Under such conditions any detailed fastening provisions listed for the fire performance of a specific assembly must be followed, these would automatically take precedence over Subsection 9.30.8. If none are required under Tables 9.11.2.A. or 9.11.2.B. then Subsection 9.30.8. must be followed.

J.C. Currie, Chair