BCAB #558 - Sawn Red Cedar Shakes, Section 9.27.

BCAB #558

November 17, 1981

Re: Sawn Red Cedar Shakes, Section 9.27.

With reference to your letter of September 22, 1981 regarding the installation of cedar roof shakes.

Your questions relate to the use of sawn shakes. A sample submitted was sawn on both faces and could in this respect be equated with a shingle. The grain would indicate an item presumably with advantages over a shingle.

In essence it would seem that you wish to install the product using the higher exposure permitted for a shake instead of that for a shingle, but without the interleaving protection required by the Code for a shake.

The Board would accept the elimination of interleaving for this product subject to installation in accordance with the Code requirements for shingles. Table 9.27.9.A. would then require a maximum exposure of 71/2 inches, not the 10 inches allowed in Table 9.27.10.A. for shakes. If installed as a shake, it should comply with the Code requirements for such installation, including interleaving.