BCAB #382 - Combustible Traps and Fixture Tailpieces, Sentence

BCAB #382

September 5, 1979

Re: Combustible Traps and Fixture Tailpieces, Sentence

With reference to your letter of July 6, 1979, and further to Appeal Nos. 30 and 39. We do not regard these decisions as conflicting with Sentence of the Building Code.

In Appeal No. 30 we stated that the fixture drain was defined as the pipe connecting the trap of the fixture to another part of the drain system.

For the purposes of Sentence we would therefore regard the restriction as applying to the fixture drain, not however, to the tailpiece or trap, unless these were located within, or passed through, a vertical fire separation.

Your letter refers to sketch 4, where as the above answer indicates, a transition to noncombustible should be made before the fixture drain enters the separation.

J.C. Currie, Chair
Building Code Appeal Board