BCAB #1819

December 20, 2018

Re: Contrasting Nosing of Stairs in Exits

Project Description

The project is a multi-unit residential building which is 4 storeys in building height. The building includes 2 separate interior exit stairs. The landings for the exit stairs have tactile warning strips and are carpeted for slip resistance.

Applicable Code Requirements

Sentence of Division B of the 2012 British Columbia Building Code.   The surfaces of ramps, and landings and treads

a) shall have a finish that is slip resistant, and

b) if accessible to the public, shall have either a colour contrast or distinctive pattern, readily visible from both directions of travel, to demarcate the leading edge of the tread and the leading edge of the landing, as well as the beginning and end of a ramp.

Decision being Appealed (Local Authority’s Position)

The local authority has determined that the interior exit stairs can be expected to be used by the public and that each tread of the exit stairs shall have a contrasting or distinctive pattern change on the nosing.

Appellant's Position

The appellant maintains that access to the building will be controlled and that the exit stairs would not normally be accessible to the public. Unlike a public building, the exits will primarily be used by residents, and therefore Clause does not apply.

Appeal Board Decision # 1819

It is the determination of the Board that the subject stairs are accessible to the public and the requirements for nosing demarcation in Clause are applicable.

Reason for Decision

The Board considers the common areas, including the subject exits, to be “accessible to the public”.

Lyle Kuhnert

Chair, Building Code Appeal Board