BCAB #1777 - Required visual openness of a mezzanine, Article 3.2.2

December 17, 2015

BCAB #1777

Re: Required visual openness of a mezzanine, Article 3.2.2

Project Description

The project is a multi-storey building containing multiple major occupancies. The first storey of the building includes a development company’s sales gallery which includes a mezzanine level. At the edge of the mezzanine floor to the area below there is a guard/partition constructed of Krion vertical panels, 50 mm to 300 mm wide with a maximum 100 mm spacing between each vertical panel. This construction is nearly continuous from the mezzanine floor to the ceiling above.

Reason for Appeal

In order for a mezzanine not to be considered a storey in building height, Clause, with some exceptions which are not pertinent to this appeal, requires the space above 1070 mm from the mezzanine floor to be visually open. There is disagreement as to whether the area above
1070 mm of the guard/partition complies with this criteria.

Appellant's Position

The appellant contends that the extension of the construction above the required mezzanine guard height does not pose a significant or unsafe visual obstruction. The appellant considers the guard/partition provides a higher degree of visibility than would be provided by a solid 1070mm high guard wall with an open area above.

Local Authority’s Position

The building official does not consider the guard/partition to be compliant with the requirements of Clause, as it is not visually open above 1070 mm.

Appeal Board Decision #1777

It is the determination of the Board that the guard/partition at the edge of the mezzanine area does not comply with the requirements of Clause due to its elements extending above 1070mm above the mezzanine floor which obscure the required visual openness.

Lyle Kuhnert, Chair