BCAB #1755 - Roof Overhang above Exposing Building Face, Sentence

November 20, 2014

BCAB #1755

Re: Roof Overhang above Exposing Building Face, Sentence

Project Description

The project involves the renovation of two existing buildings associated with a single family dwelling. The existing garage is being converted to a home office and the open carport is being converted to an enclosed garage. The buildings are 1.12 m apart and the almost equal roof overhangs come to within 280 mm of each other.

Reason for Appeal

Spatial separation for the two buildings is regulated by Subsection 9.10.14. With a limiting distance of only 0.56 m (half the distance between the buildings) the roof overhangs project into a zone that requires them to be constructed in a manner that reduces the likelihood of fire spread between the buildings via the overhangs.

Appellant's Position

The appellant contends that Sentence exempts detached garages and accessory buildings serving a single dwelling from the provisions regulating soffits.

Building Official's Position

The building official maintains that Sentence applies and the overhangs are not permitted closer than 0.45 m to the limiting distance line or property line between the buildings.

Appeal Board Decision #1755

The Board’s decision is based on the garage and home office being accessory buildings to the dwelling unit. It is the determination of the Board that in accordance with Sentence, Sentence is the applicable requirement for soffit protection. Sentence does not apply because the exposing building faces are not adjacent to a property line.

Lyle Kuhnert, Chair