BCAB #1721 - PVC Pipe and Fittings, Articles,, and and Table A-7.2.5.

November 21, 2012

BCAB #1721

Re: PVC Pipe and Fittings, Articles,, and and Table A-7.2.5.

Project Description

Under appeal is the use of PVC schedule 40 pipe and schedule 80 fittings conforming to CAN/CSA-B137.3 for building sewer and storm discharge downstream of a sewage injector pump and storm sump pump respectively.

Reason for Appeal

Articles and list a number manufacturing standards for plastic pipe used in drainage systems underground and in buildings and CAN/CSA-B137.3, “Rigid Polyvinyl (PVC) Pipe for Pressure Applications,” is not included. CAN/CSA-B137.3. is only found in Article dealing with PVC water pipe and fittings.

Appellant's Position

The appellant contends that PVC pipe conforming to CAN/CSA-B137.3 is suitable for pumped drainage applications as it more than satisfies the requirement of Sentence that requires pipe and fittings used in pressure sewer, forcemain and sump pump discharge applications to be capable of withstanding at least one and one-half times the maximum potential pressure. PVC water pipe conforming to CAN/CSA-B137.3 meets or exceeds all the same requirements as PVC DWV pipe conforming to CAN/CSA-B181.2 listed under Articles for drainage applications.

Building Official's Position

The building official maintains the PVC Schedule 40 pipe and Schedule 80 fittings are only approved for potable water use per CAN/CSA-B137.3 and are not acceptable for drain, waste and venting systems. Article specifies CAN/CSA-B137.3 for PVC water pipe and ASTM D 2466 and ASTM D 2467 for PVC water pipe fittings. Articles and specify several standards for plastic DWV pipe and fittings used under ground and in buildings respectively but CAN/CSA-B137.3 is not one of them. The scope of CAN/CSA-B137.3 is limited to PVC water pipe and notes that if it is intended to use the pipe for other than water applications the manufacturer should be consulted. CAN/CSA-B137.0 contains the requirements for marking PVC pipe and fittings conforming to CAN/CSA-B137.3 and one of the requirements is a mark indicating the intended use of the pipe. The pipe in question is marked for potable water use.

Appeal Board Decision #1721

It is the determination of the Board that pumped drainage applications are only addressed by Sentence which calls for pipe capable of withstanding at least one and one-half times the maximum potential pressure. The scope of CAN/CSA-B137.3 accepts that pipe conforming to the standard may be used for applications other than water (potable) if acceptable to the manufacturer. Therefore, if the manufacturer of the pipe in question confirms it is acceptable for pressure sewer applications the Board considers it conforms to the Code. The Board notes that potable water piping used for sewer service must be installed and marked in accordance with Section 7.7, Non-Potable Water Systems.

George Humphrey, Chair