BCAB #1663 - Door Hardware, Clause

November 25, 2009

BCAB #1663

Re: Door Hardware, Clause

Project Description
The project is a multiple occupancy shopping centre, non combustible construction and sprinklered throughout, built under Subsection 3.2.2. permitting buildings of unlimited height and area. There are a number suites which have principal entrance doors directly from the exterior which provide required access for persons with disabilities.

There are no latching devices on these doors, other than a lock which functions from the inside by the use of a thumbturn device which releases (unlocks) after being rotated not more than 90 degrees.

Reason for Appeal
Clause requires door assemblies providing access for persons with disabilities shall be operable by devices which do not require tight grasping, or twisting of the wrist, as the only means of operation.

Appellant’s Position
The appellant contends that the operation of the thumbturn device will only be required in the direction of egress at times the retail suite is not open to the public. Therefore, the limitation of tight grasping or twisting of the wrist as the only means of operation does not apply in the direction of egress for these doors.

Building Official's Position
The Building Official contends Clause, the limitation of tight grasping or twisting of the wrist, apply to these doors.

Appeal Board Decision #1663
It is the determination of the Board that a latching/locking device such as a thumbturn that requires tight grasping and/or twisting of the wrist does not comply with Sentence Further, the Board considers the Code’s requirements for persons with disabilities include movement to and from an area and its facilities as defined.

George Humphrey, Chair