BCAB #1653 - Individual Building Fire Alarm Control Panel and Annunciator, Subsection 3.2.4.

November 27, 2008

BCAB #1653

Re: Individual Building Fire Alarm Control Panel and Annunciator, Subsection 3.2.4.

Project Description

The project consists of two independent sprinklered buildings on the same property, both required to be equipped with a fire alarm system. Each building is subdivided into side by side units, with individual strata titles. Both buildings form a single strata corporation.

The buildings share a fire alarm system controlled by one fire alarm control unit located in one of the buildings. The fire alarm system is designed to cause alarms only in the building where the alarm originates and off site monitoring directs the fire department to the building with the originating alarm.

It is intended that there be only one annuciator panel, indicating the fire alarm status for both buildings. The fire department access route is midway between the buildings, with the annunciator panel location on one of the buildings at the entry to the access lane.

Reason for Apeal

Sentence states a fire alarm shall be installed in a building in which an automatic sprinkler system is installed.

Sentence indicates an annunciator shall be installed in close proximity to a building entrance that faces a street or an access route for fire department vehicles.

Appellant’s Position

The appellant contends that due to the close proximity of one building to another, and the functionality of the system to alarm the buildings independently, that a common annunciator and fire alarm controlling unit serving both buildings is Code compliant.

Building Official's Position
The Building Official contends the Code requires each building to have independently controlled fire alarm systems.

Appeal Board Decision #1653

The Code’s referenced standard CAN/ULC S524-01 “Installation of Fire Alarm Systems” indicates: 3.1.1. A fire alarm system shall consist of at least the following:

  1. Control Unit
  2. Manual Pull Station
  3. Audible Signal Device

Sentence requires a fire alarm to be installed in a sprinklered building.

Therefore it is the determination of the Board that each building requires a fire alarm control unit and annunciator panel.

George Humphrey, Chair