BCAB #1645 - Location of Standpipe Hose Connections, Article

July 16, 2008

BCAB #1645

Re: Location of Standpipe Hose Connections, Article

Project Description

The subject is a mixed use building of combustible construction, 4 storeys in building height. The structure is divided by a firewall which has openings to incorporate horizontal exits. A standpipe system is required and provided for by Sentence

Reason for Appeal

Sentence requires hose connections to be located in exits, in accordance with NFPA 14, “Installation of Standpipe and Hose Systems.”

Sentence states “Hose connections are not required within a floor area”. Floor area is defined as the space on any storey of a building between exterior walls and required firewalls, including the space occupied by interior walls and partitions, but not including exits, vertical service spaces, and their enclosing assemblies.

Sentence 7.3.2.(2) of NFPA 14 indicates: Class I standpipe systems shall be shall be provided with 65-mm hose connections on each side of the wall adjacent to the exit openings of horizontal exits.

Appellant’s Position

The appellant contends hose connections are not required at the firewall, as Sentence states hose connections are not required in a floor area.

Building Official's Position

 The Building Official considers hose connections are required at the horizontal exit, as required by NFPA 14.

Appeal Board Decision #1645

It is the determination of the Board that hose connections are required on each side of a wall adjacent to the exit openings of a horizontal exit in conformance with the requirements of NFPA 14, when the horizontal exit is a required exit for the floor area. This requirement ensures the performance of a standpipe system as anticipated by the Code and the NFPA 14 standard. The intent of this requirement has been clarified by the Canadian Code

George Humphrey, Chair