BCAB #1631 - Termite and Decay Protection Articles,

May 30, 2007

BCAB #1631

Re: Termite and Decay Protection Articles,

Project Description

The subject is a wood frame storage garage (accessory to residential). The exterior walls are frame construction on a 200 mm concrete foundation wall. The top of the concrete foundation wall (bottom plate) is proposed to be 200 mm above finished grade. It has been determined the proposed construction is located in an area where termites are known to occur.

Reason for Appeal

Sentence states the clearance between structural wood elements and the finished ground level directly below them shall not be less than 450 mm and all sides of the supporting elements shall be visible to permit inspection or structural wood elements supported by elements in contact with the ground or exposed over bare soil, shall be treated with a chemical that is toxic to termites.

Appellant’s Position

The appellant contends the requirements of Article are not applicable as there is no soil directly below the wood elements. Further, the foundation wall is not insulated or finished in a manner that could conceal a termite infestation. The appellant contends Article does not require the bottom plate to be pressure treated.

Building Official's Position
The Building Official considers the appropriate required termite protection should include a pressure treated sill plate, pressure treated sheathing to 450mm above grade, and a “drip” flashing between the sill plate and the foundation wall to act as a termite shield.

Appeal Board Decision #1631

The Board considers the wording of Sentence to be ambiguous and has requested of the Province to reword this Sentence to reflect the intended requirements.

It is the determination of the Board that the application of the present wording of Sentence to this appeal would require the bottom plate only to be pressure treated with a chemical that is toxic to termites in accordance with Clause

George Humphrey, Chair