BCAB #1618 - Supervision of Water Supply Valves for Sprinkler Systems Clause

March 15, 2006

Re: Supervision of Water Supply Valves for Sprinkler Systems Clause

Project Description

The subject is the water service to a building which includes both domestic and fire supply. The local government’s engineering standards require the water service be divided near the property line into domestic and fire water supply within a vault. Further, these standards require a double check valve assembly be provided within the vault on the fire supply service pipe. As an integral component of the double check valve assembly, two shut off valves are required for servicing the check valve. These two shut off valves are chained and locked in the open position in accordance with the applicable NFPA 13 Standard. The vault access cover is also padlocked.

Reason for Appeal

Clause states an automatic sprinkler system shall be electrically supervised to indicate a supervisory signal on the building fire alarm annunciator for the movement of a valve handle that controls the supply of water to sprinklers.

Appellant’s Position

The appellant contends electrical supervision in an exterior wet environment, such as the required vault, will fail in time. The valve(s) are chained in the open position which complies with requirements of the NFPA 13 standard.

Building Official's Position

The Building Official considers the Code’s additional requirement for the electrical supervision of valves supplying water to sprinkler systems is applicable to all on-site valves, including those in the vault.

Appeal Board Decision #1618

Sentence states: In the case of conflict between the provisions of this Code and those of a referenced document, the provisions of this Code shall govern.
As the valves on the check valve assembly can control the supply of water to the sprinkler system, it is the determination of the Board that electrical supervision is required in conformance with Clause

George Humphrey, Chair