BCAB #1589 - Maximum Mezzanine Area, Subclauses (i), (ii)

November 7, 2003

BCAB #1589

Re: Maximum Mezzanine Area, Subclauses (i), (ii)

Project Description

The subject building is 2 storeys in building height, 3,418 m2 in building area, and sprinklered. The building is classified as a Medium Hazard Industrial occupancy built under Article 

A suite in the building, has an area of 1426.8 m2, and contains a mezzanine with an area of 406.9 m2. It is proposed to construct another mezzanine with an area of 130 m2 at a level 1.4 m below the existing mezzanine and separated by about 3 metres. The two mezzanines would be connected by a 1.5 meter wide stair or ramp bridge. The aggregate area of the mezzanines will be 536.9 m2. The aggregate mezzanine area will be approximately 38% of the area of the suite.

Reason for Appeal

Sentence states “A mezzanine need not terminate at a vertical fire separation nor be protected in conformance with the requirements of Articles to provided the mezzanine serves a Group A, C, D, E of F major occupancy and is 500 m2  or less in area, and is not considered to be a storey in building height as described in Sentences or (4)”.

Appellant’s Position

The appellant contends any number of mezzanines may exist in a suite provided none of the mezzanines exceed 500 m2 and the aggregate area of all mezzanines does not exceed 40% of open area in which they are located.

Building Official's Position

The Building Official contends the 500 m2 limit relates to the aggregate area of all mezzanines within the suite.

Appeal Board Decision #1589

It is the determination of the Board that the area limitation of 500 m2 as stated in Subclause is applicable to an individual mezzanine, not a cumulative area of all mezzanines within the suite.

George Humphrey, Chair