BCAB #1550 - Plumbing and Drainage Systems, Sentences and (2)

September 19, 2001

BCAB #1550

Re: Plumbing and Drainage Systems, Sentences and (2)

Project Description

The subject building consists of seven connected precast concrete shelters with a total floor area of 127 m2 . The building shelters communication, electrical and mechanical equipment. The facility is not designed for human habitation and will receive visitation by a single serviceman approximately once a month for a on site duration of 30 minutes. The structure is located on a parcel of land fronting onto a highway having no public or municipal water main.

Reason for Appeal

Sentences and (2) requires where a building is situated on property that abuts a street in which a public or municipal water main is located, the building shall be provided with or have accessible to its occupants a plumbing system including a potable water supply, a sanitary drainage system and toilet fixtures. Where a sanitary drainage system is not possible because of absence of a water supply, sanitary privies, chemical toilets or other means for the disposal of human waste shall be provided.

Appellant’s Position

The appellant contends it is unnecessary to provide two washrooms with permanent underground connection to existing sanitary systems and a water supply (well) for an unmanned communication equipment building. The appellant is willing to provide a screened portable sanitary privy on site, serviced and maintained by a reputable local supplier.

Building Official’s Position

The Building Official is requiring that the building be provided with two washrooms, which are to be permanently connected to a sanitary sewer system and that an on site water supply be provided by a well or a water storage facility.

Appeal Board Decision #1550

It is the determination of the Board that plumbing facilities are not required for the building as the building is a specialized use not intended for human occupancy other than for minimal short term equipment servicing. Therefore a plumbing system including a potable water supply is not required.

George Humphrey, Chair