BCAB #1549 - Occupancy Classification, Article

September 19, 2001

BCAB #1549

Re: Occupancy Classification, Article

Project Description

The subject building is a secondary school. A portion of the school building, approximately 27% of the floor area, is an "industrial wing" which contains automotive, metal and construction instructional shops, classrooms and laboratories. It is proposed that a separate building will be constructed facing the "industrial wing."

Reason for Appeal

Article requires every building or part thereof to be classified according to its major occupancy, and if the building is intended to be used by more than one major occupancy it shall be classified according to all major occupancies for which it is used or intended to be used.

Appellant's Position

The appellant contends the "industrial wing" is an education school building and should classified as the remainder of the building, that is Group A, Division 2 major occupancy. The shop operations of an industrial nature should considered subsidiary occupancies of the A2 major occupancy.

Building Official's Position

The Building Official contends the entire "industrial wing" should be classified as Group F, Division 2, and that the appropriate Subsection 3.2.3. tables for a F2 occupancy be used in determining when determining spatial separation from the proposed building.

Appeal Board Decision #1549

It is the determination of the Board that the existing south block building is classified as a Group A, Division 2 major occupancy containing Group F Division 2 and Group F Division 3 (shops) subsidiary occupancies. As the automotive shop (repair garage) is a separate fire compartment required by Sentence, and is a Group F Division 2 occupancy, Table should be applied to that portion of the exposing building face. The remainder of the exposing building face of the industrial wing contains Group F Division 3 occupancy and Table would therefore apply.

George Humphrey, Chair