BCAB #1544 - Professional Design and Review, Clause

August 15, 2001

BCAB #1544

Re: Professional Design and Review, Clause

Project Description

The subject building falls within the application of Article The registered professional, whose discipline is located on page 2 of Schedule B2, has completed page one and two of the schedule, but has provided his professional seal on only page 2.

Reason for Appeal

Clause requires that prior to issuance of a building permit the owner shall deliver to the authority having jurisdiction Schedules, including Schedule B2.

Appellant's Position

The registered professional contends that sealing page two only is adequate because he is only responsible for a discipline appearing on page 2 of Schedule B2.

Building Official's Position

The Building Official considers the Schedule B-2 incomplete, and therefore not acceptable, unless both pages 1 and 2 have a professional seal .

Appeal Board Decision #1544

It is the determination of the Board that both pages of Schedule B-2 must be completed in full by the registered professional. This would include affixing a professional seal on each page.

George Humphrey, Chair