BCAB #1538 - Passenger Elevator Located in Exit Stair Shaft, Sentence (1) and (6)

June 18, 2001

BCAB #1538

Re: Passenger Elevator Located in Exit Stair Shaft, Sentence (1) and (6)

Project Description

The subject building is a 4 storey building containing Group D Business and Personal Service occupancies. The present exiting system comprises of an internal enclosed exit stair shaft and an exterior exit stair. Incorporated with the exterior stairway is a passenger elevator with all its doors discharging onto the stairway. It is proposed to enclose the exterior stairway, resulting in the elevator being enclosed in the exit shaft.

Reason for Appeal

Sentence states an exit shall be designed for no purpose other than for exiting, except that an exit is permitted also to be designed to serve as an access to a floor area.

Appellant's Position

The appellant contends the elevator serves the exit stair only and is not connected to any portions of the adjacent floor areas. Both an elevator and an elevator machine room are not considered to be a service room (as per A-, therefore the restriction of a service room opening directly into an exit is not applicable.

Building Official's Position

The Building Official considers the elevator shaft to be a vertical service space and must comply with the requirements of Subsection 3.6.3. Further, the Official considers it is prohibited to allow an opening from a vertical service space into an exit stair shaft.

Appeal Board Decision #1538

The Board considers the elevator (and its enclosing shaft) to be part of the "remainder of the building" as indicated in Sentence This Sentence does not specifically reference elevator doors as one of the permitted openings, therefore it is the determination of the Board this elevator is prohibited from opening into the exit enclosure. As this appeal relates to alterations to an existing building, Appendix note A- provides additional guidance.

George Humphrey, Chair