BCAB #1529 - Location of Water Supply Shut-Off Valve, Sentence (1)

March 22, 2001

BCAB #1529

Re: Location of Water Supply Shut-Off Valve, Sentence (1)

Project Description

The subject building is a sprinklered warehouse which falls within the scope of Part 3 of the BC Building Code. Both the sprinkler system and the potable water system are supplied from a common water service pipe.

The water service pipe enters the building vertically through a concrete floor slab and at 450 mm above the floors level a tee has been installed. Directly after the tee and on each side a shut-off valve has been installed, one for control of the domestic potable water system and the other for the fire protection system.

Reason for Appeal

Sentence requires every water service pipe to be provided with a shut-off valve where the pipe enters the building. Further, Sentence requires that where a water supply serves both an automatic sprinkler system and a system serving other equipment, control valves shall be provided so that either system can be shut off independently.

Appellant's Position

The appellant contends the control valve arrangement complies with both Sentence and Sentence The requirement for a third shut off valve below the tee controlling the two systems would be redundant in the extreme, as both control valves are in immediate proximity of where the water pipe enters the building.

Building Official's Position

The Building Official considers that a single shut-off valve is required, controlling all systems and be located as close as practical to where the water service enters the building. This would require a single shut-off valve be installed between the floor and the tee for each system.

Appeal Board Decision #1529

It is the determination of the Board that the water service pipe terminates at the tee at which point the water distribution system commences. Sentence specifies a shut-off valve be located on the water service pipe where the pipe enters the building.

George Humphrey, Chair