BCAB #1464 - Fire Alarm Annunciator Design, Sentence

April 14, 1998

BCAB #1464

Re: Fire Alarm Annunciator Design, Sentence

Project Description

This project involves the installation of an annunciator panel with an LCD display panel instead of LEDs or lamps.

Reason for Appeal

Where an annunciator is required, Sentence requires it to have "separate zone indicators."

Appellant's Position

The appellant is installing an addressable fire alarm system and a conventional lamp style annunciator panel would defeat the purpose of having an addressable system. The appellant contends that the LCD panel conforms to the requirements of the code.

Building Official's Position

The building official maintains that separate indicators are required for each zone. An LCD panel which must be manipulated to determine what signals are being received from the fire alarm system is not acceptable. There is no objection to an addressable system but the basic zone indicators cannot be left out without compromising the effectiveness of the fire alarm system.

Appeal Board Decision #1464

It is the determination of the Board that Sentence requires an annunciator panel with separate or individual indicators for each zone. This precludes the use of an indicator, such as a small LCD screen, which can only display a few zones at a time.

George R. Humphrey, Chair