BCAB #1391 - Framing Clearance from Fireplace Hearth Extension, Article

April 20, 1995

BCAB #1391

Re: Framing Clearance from Fireplace Hearth Extension, Article

Project Description

This appeal concerns a site built masonry fireplace with a cantilevered concrete support for the hearth extension.

Reason for Appeal

Article requires various clearances between combustible framing and finishes and different parts of the fireplace.

Appellant's Position

The appellant contends that no clearance is required between the concrete hearth extension and the 2 - 2" x 8" header supporting the adjacent floor joists. The appellant defends this position by arguing that heat transfer downward through the concrete is negligible compared to that radiated through ceramic tile which can be placed directly on combustible subflooring.

Building Official's Position

No comments were received from the building official.

Appeal Board Decision #1391

It is the determination of the Board that the fireplace hearth extension in question does not require any clearance to the 2 - 2" x 8" header. Sentence does not apply to a hearth extension.

George R. Humphrey, Chair