BCAB #1325 - Proposed Steel Building, Article

October 20, 1993

BCAB #1325

Re: Proposed Steel Building, Article

Project Description

The building in question is a steel framed and clad warehouse manufactured in a plant in the United States.

Reason for Appeal

Article requires the building to be designed in conformance with CAN/CSA-S16.1-M, "Limit States Design of Steel Structures". This standard, in turn, requires fabrication and erection to be done by firms certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau under CSA Standard W47.1 or W55.3 or both.

Appellant's Position

The U.S. firm which fabricated the building's components is not certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau but the appellant has hired a local structural engineer who confirms that the building meets the design requirements of CAN/CSA-S16.1-M. A testing company has examined the components and determined that the welds meet the size limits of table 4.4 and paragraph and the quality requirements of paragraph of the CSA W59 welding standard. The appellant contends that reports from the engineer and the testing company show the building complies with CAN/CSA-S16.1-M and, therefore, conforms with the B.C. Building Code.

Building Official's Position

The building official maintains that because the building was not fabricated in a Canadian Welding Bureau certified plant as required by 24.3 of CAN/CSA-S16.1-M it does not meet the requirements of Article of the B.C. Building Code.

Appeal Board Decision #1325

It is the determination of the Board that the Code, through the reference to CAN/CSA-S16.1-M in Article, requires steel buildings to be fabricated and erected by firms certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau under CSA W47.1 and/or W55.3.

George R. Humphrey, Chairman