BCAB #1289 - Stair Handrail in Dwelling Unit, Article

August 19, 1992

BCAB #1289

Re: Stair Handrail in Dwelling Unit, Article

Project Description

The subject of this appeal is the handrail for a curved stair in a single family dwelling. The bottom of the handrail terminates in a flat scroll atop a set of spindles encircling a newel post. This scroll/spindle/post assembly sits on the first tread above the floor and its top is 41 1/8 inches (1 045 mm) above the tread and 48 5/8 inches (1 235 mm) above the floor.

Reason for Appeal

Article requires handrails to be between 800 mm (31.5 in) and 920 mm (36.2 in) above a line drawn through the outside edges of the stair nosing.

Appellant's Position

The appellant considers the termination of the handrail to be acceptable.

Building Official's Position

The building official maintains the design does not meet the requirements of Article

Appeal Board Decision #1289

It is the determination of the Board that Article applies and requires the handrail to be between 800 mm and 920 mm above the nosing of each tread of a stair. The handrail design under appeal does not meet this requirement.

George R. Humphrey, Chair