BCAB #1285 - Access for Fire Department Equipment, Dead End Roadway, Articles &

June 19, 1992

BCAB #1285

Re: Access for Fire Department Equipment, Dead End Roadway, Articles &

Project Description

The project in question is a 49 unit townhouse development. The portion under appeal contains nine units which are served by a dead-end private roadway which is approximately 100 meters long.

Reason for Appeal

Article requires each building to be provided with access for fire department equipment by way of a street, private roadway or yard. Article says that where such access is provided by a roadway or yard a number of factors relating to the design and location of the roadway or yard shall be considered. The building official has required that a turn-around area for fire trucks be provided at end of the roadway.

Appellant's Position

The appellant contends that Part 9 of the Code does not specifically call for a fire truck turn-around at the end of a dead-end access roadway and should not, therefore, be required.

Building Official's Position

The building official maintains that the roadway design must be suitable for the type of fire department equipment expected. He refers to the Appendix note referred to in Article which highlights the many variables that should be considered. In the absence of specific design criteria in Part 9 his jurisdiction has applied the roadway design criteria in Part 3 which restricts a dead-end access roadway to not more than 90 meters in length.

Appeal Board Decision #1285

Sentence is specific as to requirements taken into account in providing fire access to buildings. For the purpose of Part 9, reference to the appendix commentary should be considered in conjunction with the specific requirements of Sentence and not the expanded requirements of Sentence Therefore the Board considers turnarounds are not a requirement for buildings falling under Part 9 of the Building Code.

George R. Humphrey, Chair