BCAB #1281 - Hot Water Heating System, Articles and and Clause of the Building Code and Subsection 6.2 and Sentence 2.9.9.(1) of the Plumbing Code

June 19, 1992

BCAB #1281

Re: Hot Water Heating System, Articles and and Clause of the Building Code and Subsection 6.2 and Sentence 2.9.9.(1) of the Plumbing Code

Project Description

This appeal involves a residential hot water heating system in which the domestic hot water tank provides the heat source for the heating system in addition to its regular function of providing potable hot water.

Reason for Appeal

The heating system installation has been rejected by the building official because he contends it does not comply with several provisions of the Building and Plumbing Codes.

Appellant's Position

The appellant contends that the heating system does meet the requirements of the B.C. Building and Plumbing Codes and has provided considerable documentation supplied by the distributor to back up this contention.

Building Official's Position

The building official is not satisfied that the heating system meets the basic requirements of Article because he has not seen calculations that indicate the system can provide potable hot water and heat the house at the same time. The official maintains that the hot water tank must comply with CSA B51, "Code for the Construction and Inspection of Boilers and Pressure Vessels," because it is functioning as a boiler. The official also maintains that the system does not comply with the B.C. Plumbing Code, Subsection 6.2, "Protection From Contamination," and Sentence 2.9.9.(1) which references standards for backflow preventers.

Appeal Board Decision #1281

The Board has made the following rulings on the specific Code references disputed. B.C. Building Code

The appellant has submitted to the Board assumptions and calculations including domestic hot water assumptions, heating and space heating loads and heat loss calculations intended to demonstrate compliance with BC. Building Code These calculations should be submitted to the Authority Having Jurisdiction for their approval of compliance with the Code.

6.2. B.C. Plumbing Code

As the potable water system and hot water heating system are interconnected, the Board determines provisions should be made to prevent contamination of the potable water as required by Sentence 6.2.1.(1). Compliance with this sentence will ensure the water remains potable, and in this circumstance, would negate the need for back-flow prevention. B.C. Building Code

The Board has determined there is no current referenced standard in the B.C. Building Code for dual purpose water heater / space heating appliances. Accordingly, until such time a standard is referenced in the Code for dual purpose domestic hot water / space heating, these systems could be addressed under Section 2.5 "Equivalents."

George R. Humphrey, Chair