BCAB #1279 - Offsets for Insulated Metal Chimney for Solid Fuel Burning Factory-Built Fireplace, Article

May 20, 1992

BCAB #1279

Re: Offsets for Insulated Metal Chimney for Solid Fuel Burning Factory-Built Fireplace, Article

Project Description

This appeal involves a factory-built fireplace and metal chimney installed in a dwelling unit in a multi-dwelling residential building. The chimney has several offsets between the top of the fireplace unit and the roof.

Reason for Appeal

Article requires factory-built fireplaces and their installation to conform to ULC S610, "Standard for Factory-Built Fireplaces," which in turn requires the manufacture to provide installation instructions. These instructions must describe in adequate detail such things as the number and angle of chimney offsets. The instructions provided with the unit under appeal specify a maximum of two offsets and provide several diagrams illustrating acceptable offset arrangements. The building official has rejected the installation because it has too many offsets.

Appellant's Position

The appellant contends that although there are three offsets, not two as specified by the instructions, the installation still complies with the intent of the installation instructions. He argues that flue gases must change direction in his installation four times and one of the acceptable installations in the manufacturer's instructions also require the flue gases to change direction four times.

Building Official's Position

The building official maintains that the chimney does not comply with the installation instructions because there are three sets of offsets, not two as specified. No mention is made of the number of times flue gases must change direction.

Appeal Board Decision #1279

Article of the B.C. Building Code references ULC S-610 "Standard for Factory Built Fireplaces" which requires the installation instructions to provide information concerning the maximum angle, length of offset and the maximum number of elbows.

Based on the information submitted, the Board concludes there are 3 offsets incorporating 6 elbows. Should these numbers exceed those specified in the referred to installation instructions, this installation would not conform to Building Code requirements.

The Board is unable to grant any relaxation of Code requirements. Installations that vary from specific requirements of the Code may be considered by the Authority having Jurisdiction under Section 2.5 "Equivalents" providing sufficient evidence is submitted to demonstrate an equivalent level of performance will be achieved.

George R. Humphrey, Chair