BCAB #1256 - Sliding Doors to Rooftop Patios - Subsection 3.3.1.

June 26, 1991

BCAB #1256

Re: Sliding Doors to Rooftop Patios - Subsection 3.3.1.

Project Description

A new hi-rise residential condominium with a sliding glass door leading to a roof top patio. The door is 1830 mm high with the sill 200 mm above the interior floor. The roof deck walking surface is approximately 50 mm below the sill so a person must step up to the patio from the interior. The top of the door is approximately 1980 mm above the interior floor and 1830 mm above the patio.

Reason for Appeal

Subsection 3.3.1. stipulates the minimum clear height for paths of travel in an access to exit ,including doorways.

Appellant's Position

The appellant refers to Article for doorway sizes for dwelling units and notes that it refers to swing type doors. As sliding doors are not mentioned he considers the sliding door in question to be acceptable.

Building Official's Position

The building official maintains that although the Code makes no reference to sliding doors there is no logical reason why sliding doors should be any lower than swing type or folding doors. He notes that the doors in question are the only access/egress from the patios and anyone over six feet tall risks injury passing through the door from the patio into the suite.

Appeal Board Decision #1256

It is the determination of the Board that Subsection 3.3.1. applies which requires an access to exit from every roof intended for occupancy. Article refers to Article for headroom clearance in access to exits and Sentence requires a minimum headroom clearance of 2030 mm for doorways. Although both the appellant and the building official refer to Article, Part 9 does not apply to this building.

George R. Humphrey, Chair