BCAB #1248 - Openings in Guards - Sentences and

May 28, 1991

BCAB #1248

Re: Openings in Guards - Sentences and

Project Description

A Group D major occupancy office building containing medical offices opening onto a mezzanine. The mezzanine is within an exit lobby.

Reason for Appeal

Sentences and regulate the size of openings through guards in public areas and in exits.

Appellant's Position

The appellant maintains that an opening of 200 mm is permitted by both Sentences because the building is not a residential occupancy and is not similar to "nurseries....where children may be present."

Building Official's Position

The building official contends that children will be present at the doctor's office and may be unsupervised. Therefore, the smaller permitted opening of 100 mm is required.

Appeal Board Decision #1248

It is the determination of the Board that openings in the guard in question are permitted to be 200 mm wide. The Board does not consider doctor's offices to be similar to "nurseries or day care centres" where numbers of young children are present and supervised by only a few adults. Although children will be present in a doctor's office they would normally be supervised by their parents on a one to one basis.

George R. Humphrey, Chair