BCAB #1240 - Sentence, Exits Through Lobbies

Last updated on March 24, 2016

March 27, 1991

BCAB #1240

Re: Sentence, Exits Through Lobbies

Project Description

A three storey sprinklered office building with two exit stairs serving each floor. The south exit stair discharges through a combined corridor and lobby on the ground floor while the other stair discharges through an exit corridor at the basement level. The ground floor corridor/lobby divides that floor in half and has doors to the exterior at each end. Egress from the ground floor to the exterior is through the corridor/lobby.

Reason for Appeal

Sentence permits not more than one exit from a floor area to "lead through a lobby" provided the conditions specified in Clauses (a) through (e) are complied with.

Appellant's Position

The appellant maintains that the design in question meets all the requirements of Sentence He considers that only one exit from any floor area leads through the lobby noting that the tenant spaces on either side of the lobby do not "exit" through the lobby but rather have "access to exit" through the lobby.

Building Official's Position

The building official considers the lobby in this building to be at one end of an exit corridor. The exit corridor/lobby serves as the exit route from upper floors and from rooms opening into the corridor/lobby so more than one exit from a floor area leads through it. The corridor and lobby are not separated from each other and, therefore, are considered as forming part of the exit.

Appeal Board Decision #1240

It is the determination of the Board that Sentences & (7) permit one exit from storeys above and below the first storey to lead through the lobby on the first storey providing the lobby conforms to conditions laid out in Clauses to (e). The term lobby is not defined but the Board sees no reason why the design in question should not be acceptable as all the conditions in Clauses (a) to (e) have been met.

It should be noted that the first storey lobby is also a public corridor providing access to exit from the first storey. The lobby simultaneously provides a path of exit from the floors above and below the first storey in conformance with Sentences & (7).

George R. Humphrey, Chair