BCAB #1233 - Shut-Off Valves - B.C. Plumbing Code Article 6.1.6.

January 19, 1991

BCAB #1233

Re: Shut-Off Valves - B.C. Plumbing Code Article 6.1.6.

Project Description

Three storey apartment building. The hot and cold water main distribution lines run in the ceiling of the main floor corridor. Hot and cold risers in turn supply "stacked" washrooms and kitchens. Isolation valves are installed at the riser connections in the corridor ceiling and each fixture has an individual shut-off valve.

Reason for Appeal

Article 6.1.6. states that shut off valves shall be installed in every suite in an apartment building "as may be necessary to ensure that when the supply to one suite is shut off the supply to the remainder of the building is not shut off."

Appellant's Position

The appellant contends that the installation described in the Project Description above meets the requirements of Article 6.1.6. He also refers to an opinion from the Building Standards Branch dated June 11, 1982 which he feels supports his position.

Building Official's Position

No comments were received from the building official but the appellant indicates that the official insists on shut-off valves "at each point of water entry into each suite."

Appeal Board Decision #1233

The Board considers that the intent of Article 6.1.6. is to control the water supply to individual fixtures to allow normal maintenance without interfering with other suites in the building. This can be accomplished by providing a shut-off valve near the point of entry to each suite or by providing shut-offs at each fixture or group of fixtures within the suite. The Board considers the design submitted by the appellant to meet the requirements of the Code. It should be noted that the riser shut-off valves are a requirement of Article 6.1.4. and are in addition to the requirements of Article 6.1.7.

George R. Humphrey, Chair