BCAB #1226 - Area Drains

December 18, 1990

BCAB #1226

Re: Area Drains

Project Description

A drainage system for a concrete driveway serving a two family dwelling. The two area drains serving the driveway are connected to the perimeter drainage system for the house.

Reason for Appeal

The installation has been rejected by the building official.

Appellant's Position

The appellant considers this arrangement to be an acceptable drainage system conforming to Plumbing Code requirements.

Building Official's Position

The building official considers the arrangement a poor system and not in conformance with the Plumbing Code because subsoil drainage pipes, as defined in the Plumbing Code, are not intended for collected water.

Appeal Board Decision #1226

Generally, the area drains are considered part of a storm drainage system. The definition of drainage system in the Plumbing Code specifically excludes subsoil drainage pipes. The foundation perimeter drains are perforated subsoil drainage pipes which cannot form part of a storm drainage system. Therefore, the area drains for the driveway and parking area cannot be connected to the subsoil drainage pipes but must be connected to the storm sewer with approved solid pipe.

In the case of one and two family dwellings the Plumbing Code, in Sentence 4.2.1.(5), deletes the need for a storm drainage system. The Board considers this only exempts the need for roof and paved areas of one and two family dwellings to be drained by a piped storm drainage system. However, since the appellant has chosen to drain these areas to the storm sewer the piping system must comply with the Code which basically requires solid pipe and thus precludes the connection of the area drains to the perforated foundation drainage system.

George R. Humphrey, Chair