BCAB #1225 - Overlap at Siding Joints - Article

November 22, 1990

BCAB #1225

Re: Overlap at Siding Joints - Article

Project Description

A residential condominium project clad with cedar lap siding.

Reason for Appeal

Article requires matched siding to have an overlap at the joint of 1 mm for each 16 mm of siding but not less than 9.5 mm.

Appellant's Position

The cedar siding was milled to industry standards as set out in the National Lumber Graders' Association guidelines. and as delivered met the requirements of the Code for a minimum 9.5 mm overlap at the joints.

Building Official's Position

The building officials involved state that the lap in the siding varied from 9.5 mm to 8 mm and as the siding had a high moisture content at the time of inspection the the lap would likely decrease as the siding dried out. They considered that the siding could not meet the requirements of the Code.

Appeal Board Decision #1225

The Board only rules on disputes over interpretation or application of the Building Code. In this case their does not appear to be a dispute over Code requirements which are quite clear in stating that the overlap must be "not less than 9.5 mm." The dispute here involves the compliance of a particular product on a specific project. The compliance of a product or material with the Code can only be determined on site by the building official.

George R. Humphrey, Chair