BCAB #1219A - Combustible PVC Pipe in Storage Garages Adjacent to High Buildings - Sentences &

October 23, 1990

BCAB #1219A

Re: Combustible PVC Pipe in Storage Garages Adjacent to High Buildings - Sentences &

(This appeal requested a clarification of Appeal #1219.)

Project Description

A hi-rise apartment building with a 2 storey parking garage adjacent to rather than under the building. Appeal #1219 dealt with a storage garage under an apartment building. The storage garage is separated from the rest of the building by a 2 hour fire separation. There are protected openings between the garage and the apartment building.

Reason for Appeal

Sentence permits combustible pipe such as PVC to be used in exposed locations in noncombustible buildings provided it has a flame spread rating not exceeding 25. When used in high buildings it shall not have a smoke developed rating exceeding 50.

Appellant's Position

The appellant feels that the hi-rise requirements relating to smoke developed ratings for plastic pipe should not be applied to the low-rise parking garage because it is beside and separated from the hi-rise building.

Building Official's Position

The building official maintains that the garage is part of the hi-rise because there is no firewall between them. There are several closure/vestibule protected openings through the 2 hour fire separation. As the garage is not a separate building the hi-rise requirements pertaining to smoke developed rating of combustible pipe apply to plastic PVC pipe used in the garage.

Appeal Board Decision #1219A

The Board has reached essentially the same decision as in Appeal #1219. In this case the garage is clearly part of the hi-rise building and as it is not a basement below the hi-rise building Article does not apply. Neither is it separated from the hi-rise by a firewall. Therefore, as part of a hi-rise building the flame spread and smoke developed ratings for high buildings apply.

George R. Humphrey, Chair