BCAB #1212 - Sentence - Manhole Size

June 21, 1990

BCAB #1212

Re: Sentence - Manhole Size

Project Description

Drainage system for a new school.

Reason for Appeal

Plumbing Code Sentence 4.7.3.(3) requires a manhole to be one metre (39.4") in diameter. Appellant proposes to use 36 inch (.91 metre) manholes as one metre manholes are not available.

Appellant's Position

The one metre size resulted from metrification of the Plumbing Code and replaces the old standard three foot manhole. The appellants contend that three foot manholes are generally accepted and provide the performance level required by the Code.

Building Official's Position

The plumbing inspector has asked for a 3' 6" manhole because he feels it is the minimum acceptable available size for a workman to perform maintenance using flushing equipment and the minimum permitted by the Code is 3.2 feet. The 3' 6" size is also consistent with their Engineering Dept. and other jurisdictions in the Lower Mainland.

Appeal Board Decision #1212

Sentence 4.7.3.(1) of the Plumbing Code clearly stipulates a minimum manhole diameter of 1 metre which is 39.37 inches. Therefore, a manhole of only 36 inches or .91 metres is not acceptable.

George R. Humphrey, Chair