BCAB #1207 - Hearths for Fireplace Inserts; Articles, &,

May 18, 1990

BCAB #1207

Re: Hearths for Fireplace Inserts; Articles, &,

Project Description

Fireplace Inserts conforming to ULC S628, "Standard for Fireplace Inserts."

Reason for Appeal

Article requires the installation of fireplace inserts to comply with ULC S628.

Appellant's Position

The Building Code requires fireplace inserts to be installed in accordance with ULC S628. ULC S628 requires installation instructions to be provided which must detail the requirements for a hearth. The instructions require a 16" (400 mm) hearth.

Building Official's Position

Comments not provided.

Appeal Board Decision #1207

Fireplace inserts are covered under Section 9.22 of the B.C. Building Code 1985 , rather than Subsection 9.34.2. which deals with stoves, ranges and space heaters. Therefore, the requirement for fireplace hearths which includes fireplace inserts is contained in Article This requires a hearth of at least 400 mm and not 450 mm as required in Article

George R. Humphrey, Chair