BCAB #1125 - Kiosk - Surrey Place Shopping Centre

Last updated on March 24, 2016

February. 27, 1990

BCAB #1125

Re: Kiosk - Surrey Place Shopping Centre

With reference to your letter of January 31, 1990, regarding a kiosk in a shopping mall located at 10035 King George Highway, Surrey.

An earlier appeal dealt with kiosks in such locations, but on the basis of the mall being considered as a means of creating separate buildings. This is not the situation with the design under review, which relates only to exit requirements. For this purpose, while we must consider the kiosk to be an obstruction located within an exit route, we do not consider the particular features which you include to be contravening the intent of the Building Code.

The mall contains the minimum width of 9 m required by Clause, and while the kiosk reduces the exit widths to 4 m on each side we would not consider the circumstances sufficient to justify rejection on the basis of Clause This Clause deals with fire separations, but for the purpose of exit protection, not building separation, and taking into account the two 4 m routes provided, we see no contravention of the required 5 m total width.

J.C. Currie, Chairman