BCAB #1117 - Open Stair Between Upper Storeys, Clause

January 29, 1990

BCAB #1117

Re: Open Stair Between Upper Storeys, Clause

With reference to your letter of December 15, 1989, regarding acceptance of an open stair between two upper storeys.

The Code is specific in Clause with respect to the location of an interconnected floor space. It would seem that this location is based on the situation encountered under normal conditions, but is probably not intended to exclude other locations, provided that the general standards of safety required by the Code are maintained.

The responsibility of the Board is to interpret the Code, but we are not in a position to add or detract from its provisions. We have little difficulty in accepting the position that to vary the location of the interconnecting floor space from that set out in Clause to that proposed by yourselves, will not detract from the safety provisions of the Code, but find difficulty in accepting that it can be considered as an equivalent. We would point out, however, that the Code sets out the regulatory pro-visions for building construction and consider that it should be applied liberally, in a manner which best ensures the attainment of its objects.

We recommend that the matter under review be reconsidered in that light.

J.C. Currie, Chairman